Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 6.29.30 AMTHE Next-Level AUTOMATION USE CASE 

Task automation is a mainstay of today’s automation programs—and it is a good and valuable thing to do. However, as enterprises look at their automation use cases, they are feeling disappointed with the size—and therefore the impact—of the automation deployed in their environment. Enter Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

This paper discusses the current state of the art in IDP and overcoming the challenges of “variety” when tackling end-to-end processes that include documents.

In this white paper You will Learn:

  • The three primary phases of IDP: Context, Format, and Workflow
  • How to use Intelligent Document Classification (IDC)
  • Two real-world use-cases of enterprise scale IDP



Download your copy of the white paper

Download Your Copy of the White Paper